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Scuba mask with communication setup.

MZ-300BType helmet job diving apparatus Maximum depth of up to 300 meters, either air or helium oxygen mixture for use divers to breathe; it has two kinds of air supply, mainly from the water supply through the umbilical cord, or latent bell, if the umbilical cord for gas failure by divers bring their own emergency bottled gas for safety diver returns to the surface, its main technical performance indicators: 1 using depth 0-300 m; 2 may be surface or latent bell umbilical cord gas, can also be used. Emergency bottled gas; 3. diving mask (helmet) of gas and pressure of 6-14 kg / cm; 4 a pressure reducer output of 7-10 kg / cm; 5 from the supply cord. trachea strong cable composition, supply pipe, sounding pipes and hot water pipes and working pressure of 45 kg / sq cm; 6 air diving mask weighs 5 kg, air diving helmet weighs 12 kg;

Which with headset, receiver may be underwater communication

Comes with 100 m cable

[Maximum depth of 300 meters]
[Supply and pressure] 6-14KG / cm
[Flow rate of 500 l / min
[Dimensions (mm)]385 * 355 * 345
[Air] 12KG weight

MZ300-B is Shanghai diving equipment factory in the former MZ-300 type diving apparatus based on improved. A safe, reliable, sensitive gas regulator, breathing comfortable, wear comfortable, clear communication, vision, convenient underwater activities, etc., it is ideal for diving diver underwater operations harness. The mask is widely used for conventional diving and saturation diving air and mixed gas. Such as underwater cutting, welding, imaging, inspection, fishing, aquaculture and other underwater. The harness may need to dry clothes, wet clothes or hot water service package, it can also be used alone, using the mask structure. Mask by a gas hose or bring their own bottled gas.

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