Scuba Dive & Snorkeling Fins

To answer your common question, YES, has snorkeling fins.

For certain activities, some divers prefer long dive fins and others prefer short snorkeling fins. By the way, do you call them dive fins or diving flippers? Either way, I hope you like the ones we have for you here. If not, then maybe you have a suggestion?

We’re trying to cover it all for you here. Look at our snorkeling fins for all sizes and genders, in a variety of colors. Hey, we can even turn your hands into flippers with webbed fingers.

Snorkeling Fins Choices

Stiffness, length, heel type, split fin. Scuba diving fins are an important part of your snorkel equipment for mobility. The correct choice can help you move better in certain sized spaces, currents, or whatever. i.e. stiffer flippers work well in currents, split fins work best for fast forward swimming, etc. If interested, we’ll get into specifics in other posts.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results